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Dope | M35 Military Tarp

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    Somewhere in NYC. 1:22 A.M. After a few drinks a bag is named by a stranger while I stood on a corner:

    stranger: 'That's a dope f*#cking bag.' me: 'Thanks, it's our new computer bag from Defy'  stranger: 'That's dope!' me: 'Thanks.'  stranger: 'Dope.'

    When a bag’s called ‘Dope’ the title sticks. The Dope Series is all about packing less and keeping it tight: Computer, few peripherals, and um, some other things. In the Dope your computer sleeps protected whilst being swaddled in thick vintage wool military blanket lining. Hell, if it can protect soldiers it can surely protect your MacBook Pro. Rugged US Military contractor sourced M35 'Duece and a Half' Military 22 oz vinyl/canvas truck tarpaulins are hand-crafted in Chicago using military spec thread, and solid steel swivel clips and hardware fly the finger to the incessant over use of flimsy plastic found on most bags. M35 Military truck tarpaulin vinyl/canvas is the same heavy duty tarpaulin used to protect US service members in theater today. It's thick, matte, rubbery feel makes for an incredibly durable bag material which with use over time starts to soften & wear nicely taking on a different patina and character. While it's tougher than the vast majority of tarp material used by other bag companies with enough beating, use and life it can eventually show signs of wear. Those wear marks are a badge of honor! It's military tough as hell for sure, but nothing's indestructible even though it may look it! The Dope is hand-crafted on the gritty west side of Chicago using industrial machines and techniques learned from disassembling vintage military bags. And just look at Dope’s vertical orientation. It’s standing tall unlike most messengers who are chillin’ on their sides. And let’s not forget the easy to access, sturdy as an Abrams Tank 2” AustriAlpin Cobra Quick Release Buckle rockin' the front...Dope indeed.


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    1. Awesome Overkill

      This is a great bag, and I think it could survive a nuclear holocaust. Not quite black though, looks more like how black would appear in the matrix, with a slight green tint. on 8th Apr 2013

    2. Truly dope

      I had no idea this is lined with thick ass wool; you guys must've forgotten it and I was so stoked to see it tightly pads & protects my MacBook. This bag isn't cheap, but I can imagine sourcing and cleaning all this material ain't easy. Love too how the front pocket holds so much of my tech gear: power cord, thumb drives, external hard drive and more. Really dig this Defy! on 24th May 2012

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  • Other Details

    FIT: 15" MACBOOK PRO (Fully padded laptop bag)
    MATERIAL: Military contractor sourced M35 military canvas/vinyl truck tarp
    TRIM: Bicycle inner tubes
    STRAP: Detachable 2 inch reclaimed auto seat belt strap with solid steel clips.
    CLOSURE: 1 High Strength Austri Alpin quick release 2" Cobra buckles
    HANDLE: 1" Nylon webbing
    DIMENSIONS: 15.5 tall x 10 wide x 2 deep