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  • Additional cycling D rings added to the back, perfect for not only adjusting the shoulder strap that comes with the First Class but also for additional Stabilizer Strap option.
  • Optional Stabilizer Strap with AustriAlpin Cobra quick release buckle helps to keep your First Class tight on your back when cycling.
  • Optional Schlep shoulder pad. Closed cell foam technology, 1,000 Denier Cordura, Solid Steel D Ring and military grade strapping.

First Class

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2.75 LBS
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Product Description

Meet the First Class Series: Rugged US Military contractor sourced M35 22 oz vinyl/canvas truck tarpaulin collide with $60.00 worth of imported solid steel and brass AustriAlpin Cobra Quick Release buckles used by Special Forces. Each buckle is capable of holding up to 2,000 lbs. Yep, 4,000 lbs of load-bearing strong should keep things First Class. M35 Military truck tarpaulin vinyl/canvas is the same heavy duty tarpaulin used to protect US service members in theater today. It's thick, matte, rubbery feel makes for an incredibly durable bag material which with use over time starts to soften & wear nicely taking on a different patina and character. While it's tougher than the vast majority of tarp material used by other bag companies with enough beating, use and life it can eventually show signs of wear. Those wear marks are a badge of honor! It's military tough as hell for sure, but nothing's indestructible even though it may look it! The First Class is hand-crafted on the gritty west side of Chicago using industrial machines, threads, and techniques learned from disassembling vintage military bags. With reclaimed bicycle innertube trim provided by bicycle shops across the country, Defy also always tries to do our part to help the environment. 13” laptops time share easily with Barker Black shoes or whatever else you want to throw in it. Solid steel swivel clips and hardware fly the finger to the incessant over use of flimsy plastic found on most bags. A First Class salute! The First Class is as tough as you are and truly looks and feels better with age as the material conforms to your body. First Class indeed.


Other Details

22 oz. M35 Military vinyl/canvas truck tarpaulin
Vintage bicycle inner tubes
Detachable 2" Military Grade auto seat belt with solid steel swivel clips.
2 High Strength AustriAlpin 1" Cobra Quick Release Buckles
2" Military Grade Auto Seat belt strapping
Solid steel key clip and ring
15 wide x 12 tall X 2.5 deep

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Product Reviews

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  1. Heavy Duty bag for working people

    (Posted by Matt on 17th Apr 2014)

    I've been on the quest for the "perfect" bag for daily carry that can handle a laptop, notebooks and other kit. I've been through countless different designs before I found DEFY, and the search is over. The workmanship on the bag is superb, made from heavy duty material with solid stitching and no fuss.
    Some may think the Austri-Alpin buckles are overkill, but once you use them you find that they latch and unlatch with one hand and little effort which is far better than the standard plastic buckles. You can also rest assured that the buckles (and most likely the bag) will outlive you.
    I've only had the bag for a few weeks but have carried it everyday, a few times in a downpour and all is well. The material is quite rubber like and stiff which is nice. It is already starting to show a nice patina from use assuring me that it will age well and show welcome marks from daily use getting better with age.

  2. A great versatile bag for just about everything.

    (Posted by Neil Mayers on 26th Feb 2014)

    What I love about this bag is that I can take it to work with my 13" laptop, then use it for groceries or other things. The beauty of it is when something spills, I just hose it out, let it dry,m and its good as new.

  3. Defy, don't make me down

    (Posted by Nicholas Jin on 7th Feb 2014)

    I have used first class for 2 weeks, here is some findings:
    (1) one of the D-ring tend to spin around. the other is perfect. i'm not sure why (maybe the length of the strap holding the D-ring are not same). This was pointed out by some reviews in recon bag.
    (2) The tarp on the back of the bag seems a little bit asymmetric. i don't know how to describe this. it's not obvious, but it is a bit annoying when i'm aware of it.
    (3) the key ring beside the front pocket and side pockets are not quite useful so far. i will not put my keys there because the flap cannot cover it and looks insecure.

    All i mentioned above are downsides and they're really very tiny ones you may even never noticed. What i want to express here is i hope Defy will focus more on details. Maybe you will say Defy bag has great details. So may i change it to "crazy on details"? Defy bags has great features - M35 military tarp; cobra buckles; the seatbelts. They make me crazy on this bag. But after long days wearing, the details will be the key to tell from other bags.
    Defy bag is great but still way from outstanding. When the bag makes you surprise everyday, it will be the start to become a legend.

    maybe i will give more feelings after months later..

    (Last but not least: sorry for my poor english, i really don't know what i'm saying :P)

    ****** Thanks for the feedback Nicholas. Not sure about the asymmetric point, but we've been working hard to stop the D rings from turning and think we've got that nailed now! Details matter greatly to us, and this feedback was awesome!

  4. Think outside the Bag (box)

    (Posted by Andrew Prusan on 1st Jan 2013)

    Like everyone,I enjoy having new and interesting items.New cars,new phones,whatever-what I don't like, is having to worry about my new possession.You Don't have to worry about your new DEFY bag.The Defy First Class takes care of you! Sturdy and battle-born, your bag is up and ready for deployment on arrival.
    Even though I researched every detail and made countless comparisons,I was still pleasantly surprised when I opened up my birthday gift -my new Defy First Class.Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail coupled with personal and pleasant customer care,make this versatile bag a pleasure to own.I look forward to my next purchase.

  5. Durability and Personality

    (Posted by Jay on 24th May 2012)

    I don't regret spending every penny I did on this bag - everything was worth it from the workmanship to the bag's distict personality. Not to mention the superior durability. This bag will definitely last my generation and probably the next...

  6. The best of the best.

    (Posted by Geoffrey on 24th May 2012)

    Quite simply, this is the best bag I've ever owned - and there have been plenty of them. It's spacious, indestructible, and downright gorgeous. I get complemented on it incessantly.

    Don't be fooled, there is one major drawback to owning a Defy: now I've got to find something else to hunt for. I'll certainly never need to buy another bag.

  7. Awesome bag!

    (Posted by MikeM on 24th May 2012)

    Just received my First Class Black Small a week ago and have been using it non-stop ever since. I love that it has a bold, different look. I love that it is made out of recycled/repurposed materials. I love that it is the perfect size for my daily needs. I love that it is weather proof and I don't have to worry about my gear out in the rain. I love that it looks cool with jeans, and chic with a suit. I love that I get compliments on my new bag. I'm a bag junky, and I might have to stop buying new bags now that I have this one. Thanks, Defy!

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