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  • Additional cycling D rings added to the back, perfect for not only adjusting the shoulder strap that comes with the Pivot but also for additional Stabilizer Strap option.
  • Optional Stabilizer Strap with AustriAlpin Cobra quick release buckle helps to keep your Pivot tight on your back when cycling.
  • Optional Schlep shoulder pad. Closed cell foam technology, 1,000 Denier Cordura, Solid Steel D Ring and military grade strapping.
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Pivot | Black Cordura

3.00 LBS
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Product Description

The earth is turnin’ and the temperatures a risin’. Stop what you’re doing. Look around. Everything hinges on this. You see sometimes in life you just gotta pivot to reach another spot. That spot you’ve always wanted to be. Introducing the Pivot Series. Weatherproof urethane coated 1000 Cordura denier fabric delivered by spaceship from Area 51 gets support from vintage 18 wheel 20 oz. vinyl truck tarp material. 1” parachute strapping is hand-crafted onto 2” auto seat belt material to allow a wicked hold for two, 1” AustriAlpin Cobra quick release buckles. The same buckles used by Special Forces soldiers in combat. Now pivot and look under the flap. 2 large pockets are cut from 20 oz. truck tarp material making packing a Zen-like experience. And a rubber coated YKK water-resistent zipper pocket keeps your secrets not only safe, but dry as the Sahara. 2 solid steel D rings on the front beg for car keys, vintage bottle opener, or that pocket knife your grandpa handed down to you. And the inside is deep and tricked out with enough pockets you won’t feel you left anything behind. Pivot with us. There are new discoveries this way.


Pivot Press: Coolhunting.com

Other Details

15" MACBOOK PRO / Padded pocket
1,000 Denier ballistic strength Cordura Fabric and 20 oz vinyl truck tarp lining
Nylon webbing
Detachable 2 inch auto seat belt strap
2 High Strength Austri Alpin quick release 1" Cobra buckles
2" seatbelt strapping
17" wide x 11" tall x 5" deep

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Product Reviews

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  1. Bag for grown-ups - beats the competition

    (Posted by Dan on 20th Jan 2015)

    I've bought and sold a lot of bags over the years, with the decision to sell almost always it being they just aren't comfortable enough, or just don't hold enough, so believe me when I say this is the real deal. This is the rare bag that's just as comfortable to carry when it's fully loaded as it is when it just has a laptop and charger. It is a bag for an inherently organized person who doesn't need a thousand micromanaging pockets (ahem, Tom Bihn) but who appreciates a bit more structure than an ill-designed tarp canyon (ahem, Chrome). A bag for someone who appreciates American-made craftsmanship (ahem Timbuk2) but doesn't care for the creepier aspects of their "patriotism" (ahem Goruck, TAD, and others...). Nope, this is a bag for grown-ups, who live their lives in the real world but like their stuff overbuilt and over-performing.

    The only thing I can think of that would make it better is if the Schlepp came standard - it is an essential piece of equipment and is the best designed shoulder pad I've ever used.

  2. Perfect dopp kit

    (Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2014)

    I bought this bag with the intention of replacing a dope kit I left in a hotel while traveling and it's worked perfectly. It is compact but can also fit a surprising amount of things when tested. Also, It is made of quality materials if something ever spills and I have a feeling I won't need to buy another one for a very long time.

  3. Fabulous bag

    (Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2014)

    I knew from the excellent website that the bag was quality. It was hard for me to appreciate QUANTITY, though. The measurements were there in black/white, but let me say that in addition to quality-as-advertised, this bag holds a lot.

    DEFY bags are probably most compared to those from Chrome, but I've owned both and DEFY gets the nod. The two are neck and neck in terms of quality, but DEFY bags RULE for style. Chrome is the cool, grunge/bike riding guy with a ton of gadgets and gloves with no fingers; but DEFY is more biker-commando-turned-Executive guy who kicks ass at the gym.

    (Of note, I am none of the above, but that's my free form impression of the design elements.)

    This particular bag, The Pivot, does fold a bit at the top corners as reported in another review, but that's due to its large size and to me it's an acceptable trade-off.

    If you are going to carry this bag, go ahead and get the padded shoulder strap accessory. It's worth it when the bag is loaded. And do yourself a solid and get an accessory zip gear kit too. The leather handle was a nice touch, but you can do without it. The rest of the bag is so cool, you'll never miss it. And yes, the buckles rock.

    Great bag. Wish I'd got one sooner.

  4. Great messenger bag

    (Posted by David on 7th Oct 2013)

    This is a really nice bag. The craftsmanship is impeccable. I love the D-rings that I can clip EDC tools and my keys to. The padded internal pocket is perfect for my Android tablet.

    It carries very well, but it "crumples" a bit at the top a little due to the placement of the strap connectors. I'm glad that I got the pad for the shoulder strap since I tend to carry too much stuff.

    I was attracted to this bag because it is fairly minimalistic, but I find myself wanting one more pocket for my charging cords and such. So, I purchased a gear kit bag for those things.

    The black is stealthy and it blends in with generic bags. But people that know quality bags notice it and will randomly compliment you on it. The cobra buckles are a dead give-away for those that notice such things.

    Plenty of room inside for a water bottle or travel mug, but I need to figure out how to keep my papers dry. An internal water bottle pocket would be a great add-on feature.

  5. One Badass Bag

    (Posted by Jordan Anthony on 4th Sep 2013)

    The title really expresses how I feel; this bag is one of the best I've ever owned. I travel often and my bags get beaten, kicked, shoved in overhead, shoved under seats, thrown in cabs, and put through all manner of hell. Defy's bags are durable, feel great to hold and carry, and best of all they all look slick. *Nothing* about the bag feels cheap, or poorly made, all the way to the shoulder strap and pocket lining.

    If you need a bag that will take your abuse and hold your gear, anything Defy offers is well WELL (I can't stress this enough) worth your money.

  6. Outstanding Bag!

    (Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2013)

    I've searched and searched for years, looking for the most durable, stylish and efficient messenger bag. The search is over! Thank you Defy for designing a bag that I plan on using for many years to come.

  7. Quality Bags

    (Posted by Alejandro on 1st Apr 2013)

    I purchased my bag because my old bag was falling apart. When I first heard of Defy Bags I was impressed by the quality and dedication put into each bag. You're basically getting a one of a kind bag that will last you forever! The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship is amazing. I like to constantly talk about my bag whenever possible with friends and coworkers.

    And the customer service, wow! Defy Bags treated me like a true loyal and valued customer even though this was my first purchase. The people behind Defy Bags make you feel good about support such an awesome company. I can keep going on about how I am extremely satisfied with my Pivot bag but I'll just end my review with...if you want a quality bag, some an exceptional company...you're found the right place!

  8. Just like Christmas

    (Posted by Seth on 1st Apr 2013)

    Two months ago I had never heard of defy bags. It was a tweet from Jason Fried that tipped me off at first. Now I know how women feel when they want to "accessorize" because I want more bags!

    I got my Pivot a couple weeks ago and have already put it to good use on several trips. Waiting for the bag in the mail was like Christmas... or better yet a dog waiting at the door for the master to come home. I hadn't felt like that in a long time. When I got it, I couldn't have been happier. The bag is just spectacular. Very cool product. I'm a huge fan of Defy and tell everyone I can about it.

  9. Great value

    (Posted by D on 10th Mar 2013)

    I've been using this bag every day for a few months now, and have almost nothing bad to say about it. I still get a kick out of opening and locking the clasps...still! The outside of it has developed a slightly worn look that I like, but a minute of cleaning/wiping it down would bring it back to looking brand new. My 15.6" Samsung fits in perfectly, and I tend to keep it full with a good bit of weight. My one gripe is that the strap does pull at the corners, and, though I'm not sure there's a good way to prevent that, it doesn't look quite the same when I carry it. That said, it's still a great bag at an excellent price. Would buy another in a heartbeat. Thanks, Chris!

  10. This. Is. A. Great. Bag.

    (Posted by SB from DC (sort of) on 1st Feb 2013)

    Went to the shop not knowing what I wanted and was guided to this bag by Chris and Dana. Terrific people. Better customer service.

    I've logged around 40,000 miles with this bag in two months (heavy work travel). There isn't a stitch out of place. Durability is an issue for me and this passes the test easily.

    Better than that though is the style. Really cool. Fun. Smart. The "parachute clips" are brilliant for passing through airport security.

    Love it. Makes me happy every day that I made this purchase.

  11. oozes quality

    (Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2013)

    the materials are simply amazing.. and the attentive communication (answering any emails) made by chris and dana is superb.

  12. Better than imagined

    (Posted by Josh on 10th Jan 2013)

    Just received my pivot messenger so this is a first impression review. I was immediately impressed by the quality and craftsmanship which are clearly evident in every detail. Primarily, I'm using the pivot as a business messenger and it fits perfectly in an office setting, although its rugged enough to survive a zombie apocalypse. The bag is both light and strong and the strap is amazingly comfortable. I'd buy another in a heartbeat.

  13. Pivot will turn heads

    (Posted by Ira on 5th Jan 2013)

    Simply designed, beautiful aesthetic & attention to detail, clean lines, lightweight. Great bags for the bike commuter or professional. Helpful staff, got my bag to me during busy holiday time. Shoulder strap never bunches, d- loops staying in place (so far). Space in the bag is underestimated till you start packing. Adequate padding for laptop. You have much more space than you realize. Love that it is hand made, tough and made in the USA. Looking forward to my next Defy product. The size of bags surprised me. If you can go to studio, I would recommend it. Accommodating staff

  14. Great bag so far!

    (Posted by Unknown on 3rd Nov 2012)

    Beautifully built with quality and attention to detail.

  15. Exceptional craftsmanship

    (Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2012)

    Beautifully built with quality and attention to detail. It's amazingly durable and rugged plus it looks great.

  16. Perfect

    (Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2012)

    Do bags get better? NO

    Coud it be a bit cheeper? Yes

    Is it well worth the money? EVERY PENNY!

  17. Perfect bag to start from

    (Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2012)

    This bag is awesome. Well built and will last multiple lifetimes. Very easily the best bag i've ever owned. The reason i'm giving it four stars instead of five is the same reason I think it's the best bag I have. It is simply a shell. It is very minimalist. There is a pocket for your laptop (which I would like more padding and a strap to keep the laptop in place, maybe velcro removable) with two pockets inside, one under the flap and one zipper pocket under the flap... No true organization pockets. This means you must purchase separately some sort of organizational insert. I bought one for pens and small things etc.. and an accordion file for papers. Since I look at this bag as a shell for my own personal organizational habits I call it the best bag ever. As time goes on and my needs change this bag will still work as i'll just go get new inserts. This way it could double as a weekend bag. I would however like one outside pocket for quick access. If you are open minded but want things your way... This is the bag for you.
    P.S. I called them in Chi about a problem with my order and whomever I spoke with was really accommodating. Very good customer service and wanted me to be happy with everything. They go beyond and are humbly proud of their work. Rightfully so

  18. Awesome bag.

    (Posted by Paul Y on 10th Oct 2012)

    I've been using mine for about a week and I love it.
    A solid bag that looks great. It seems really tough and well built. The clips are so much better then the plastic crap most bag companies use.
    Totally worth the price.

  19. Stopped by Defy today and love this shiz!

    (Posted by Jeremy on 7th Sep 2012)

    Saw this new bag posted last night and had to stop by Defy's studio this morning. Well, I'm glad I did. Guess I'm the first to buy and thought I'd review it real quick. This thing is tight. Love how light it is, and that was a concern of mine with their other bags. I have a buddy who owns the Recon and while I love it, I'm a slightly smaller guy so I wanted to make sure the bag wasn't too big or heavy for me. Glad I did. The pictures don't really do it justice. It reminds me of a Chrome or Mission bag, but with the amazing Cobra buckles on it. I only gave it 4 stars as I'm in college and the cost was steep for me, but totally worth it! And Defy gave me 10% off. Thanks Chris!


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