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Square | M35 Military Tarp

2.00 LBS
Calculated at checkout

Product Description

Equal straight sides. Four right angles. Hell, this ain’t math class but lets just get one thing out there...it’s hip to be square. Plane. Simple. Straightforward and mild mannered get a squared off back roundhouse kick in the teeth from a $30.00 a piece imported solid steel and brass 2” AustriAlpin Cobra quick release buckle. The same buckles used by Special Forces. That ain't square at all yo! Rugged US Military contractor sourced M35 military 22 oz vinyl/canvas truck tarpaulins are hand-crafted in Chicago using military spec thread, and solid steel swivel clips and hardware fly the finger to the incessant over use of flimsy plastic found on most bags. M35 Military truck tarpaulin vinyl/canvas is the same heavy duty tarpaulin used to protect US service members in theater today. It's thick, matte, rubbery feel makes for an incredibly durable bag material which with use over time starts to soften & wear nicely taking on a different patina and character. While it's tougher than the vast majority of tarp material used by other bag companies with enough beating, use and life it can eventually show signs of wear. Those wear marks are a badge of honor! It's military tough as hell for sure, but nothing's indestructible even though it may look it! The Square is hand-crafted on the gritty west side of Chicago using industrial machines and techniques learned from disassembling vintage military bags. Fits your 11" MacBook Air beautifully. Just ask Jason Fried of 37Signals! Just get squared away.


Square Press from Jason Fried, Founder of 37Signals: 37signals.com

Other Details

Military contractor sourced M35 military canvas/vinyl truck tarp
Bicycle inner tubes
Detachable 2 inch reclaimed auto seat belt strap
High Strength Austri Alpin quick release 2" Cobra buckle
2" seatbelt strapping
11.5 wide x 11.5 tall x 3.25 deep

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Product Reviews

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  1. Brilliant -addition to mr Strapped

    (Posted by Lotus Cowboy on 9th Feb 2013)

    Got this to use on days when I don't need my laptop or loads of other things.

    It's ideal for that. The strap is longer than my strapped bag and looks dope.

    Mt only comment is that the width of the smaller pockets is tight for my hands -in comparison with my other bag.

  2. Just what I was looking for ...

    (Posted by Trev on 19th Jan 2013)

    For me this is a perfectly sized bag. An Android 10.1 tablet fits in the larger internal sleeve. A phone, iPod and wallet all fit in the smaller internal sleeve. The 11" x 11" has forced me to be realistic with what I carry
    (I'm not mountaineering or running an International Spy Ring). My small first aid / toiletry / hangover kit gets me out of most situations, with room for a fresh shirt, wine bottle and a box of chocolates. Just right for the urban 'battle ground'.

    The carry strap distributes the weight evenly over my shoulder and I've found the strap length to be spot on for my 6'1" height. The workmanship of the bag is of a very good standard, I've found no problems with any of the materials. I think this bag will age very well with continual use.

    One suggestion though, perhaps a D ring could be sewn internally? I don't like my keys sculling around at the bottom of my bag and I was looking for somewhere to attach a small carabiner. I MacGyver'd a solution with an 10c eyelet and threaded through a monkey fist zip pull.

    A word of caution to others, who, like me, have only ever experienced plastic buckles ... beware the Cobra! I was getting into my car yesterday and heard a heavy, loud thunk as the buckle hit my door window. My heart stopped for a second as I waited for the sound of shattering glass to follow. Luckily not even a scratch, but lesson learnt.

  3. Sturdy & Well Made

    (Posted by Dave on 17th Jan 2013)

    Great product and should last a very long time!

  4. The best bag of its type ever

    (Posted by Mike on 22nd Dec 2012)

    I was attracted to the Square because the longer, larger bag designs seem to always encourage that one carry more than they actually need. With the Defy Bags Square I find that it holds all that I need or wish to carry for my daily commute to and from work. The materials and construction are top notch. Also, the use of repurposed materials along with the terrific cobra buckle pushes aside the man in the grey flannel suit look while still being perfectly at home in a casual or business setting. Definitely a fantastic bag and one that I can recommend without reservation.

  5. Perfect size!

    (Posted by Elizabeth on 20th Dec 2012)

    I'm a bag devotee and have been leaving my other bags in the closet since the Square arrived. Perfect size for everyday. Easily holds my regular day's stuff: small camera, wallet, checkbook, iPad mini in a sleeve, notebook, sunglasses in case and various miscellaneous small stuff. It swallows all of this without bulk. I haven't tried to shove my MacBook Air in there yet, though. Strap is comfortable and long enough. (I hate the short strap trend!) The cobra buckle is all that. I know it adds to the price, but it is pretty cool.

    My only quibble is that top handle isn't the most comfy, but as I only use it to throw the thing across my car, it's fine.

    I also have the problem that I like the Square so much I'd like another Defy bag when I need something bigger. Maybe I should sell some now sitting in the closet...

  6. Bombproof

    (Posted by Josh on 7th Dec 2012)

    Durable and attractive materials, careful construction, and fantastic buckles. Fits my 11" Macbook Air, an 8.5x11" Levenger Circa notebook, and my iPad with room to spare. Plenty of space in the front pockets for a mouse, power charger, headphones, and other small items. I've traveled with this bag several times since receiving it, and it's the perfect ratio of space and size to weight. Worth every cent.

  7. Worth every penny, worth the wait

    (Posted by Chris on 14th Nov 2012)

    I came to know about Defy via Carryology, and liked the look of the bags so much I ordered a Square for daily use. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, and can't see myself using another bag. It has a lovely lived-in look and yet still looks smart enough for more business-y outings. And yes, the buckles (as mentioned in almost every other review on the site) are indeed extremely very awesome; after using these, you won't look at a plastic buckle the same way again. I like these bags so much I went and ordered a Recon small as well for lugging my 15" laptop about.

    I had to wait four weeks for the Square to arrive in the UK (two loooong weeks of of which were spent with the bag in-country in customs), but good things do indeed come to those who wait.

  8. Very happy with the Square

    (Posted by Iain on 27th Sep 2012)

    Got my back today and am really happy with it. It's rock solid and looks like it will last a lifetime.

    Customer service from Dana and Chris at Defy is first class too. You can tell they take great pride in the products and service.

    Just need to find an excuse to buy another now

  9. Great compact bag

    (Posted by Adam on 22nd Sep 2012)

    I downsized to the square from a medium sized messenger bag when I switched from a macbook pro to an 11" Air.

    I've been using it for a week, and there's plenty of room for the Air (in a thin sleeve), a book or two, a notebook, a hat and gloves, and an iPad as well.

  10. Square

    (Posted by Stuart K. on 24th Aug 2012)

    I got my Square bag earlier today and love it. I put my 11" Air in it and was surprised that my iPad fit perfect too. It's a great size, as I really don't like carrying giant bags. The Cobra buckles are truly sick! I've been reading reviews of these on various bag blogs like Carryology, and have been drooling hoping to get one. Finally today is the day! The metal, thickness and solid state of the Cobra's design/build feels like something you'd find at Area 51. F'n love it. Everytime you open and close it there's a very satisfying, sturdy and dependable sounding 'click' that lets you know your stuff gonna be okay in there.


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